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PROPlanet Network – Rules

Everything below is prohibited and may result in a punishment


Section 1: Chat Rules

Spamming the chat

Any form of spamming will result in a temporarily / permanently mute from chatting in proplanet’s chats

Flooding the chat

Sending the same or similar messages in a short period of time will result in a temporarily / permanently mute from chatting in proplanet’s chats

Advertising anything in the chat, players with the youtuber rank may advertise videos or livestreams in the chat

Advertising will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban, players that have obtained the youtube rank may advertise only their own videos or livestreams


Attempting to sell anything via proplanet’s chats is not tolerated and may result in an account suspension


Racism is extremely prohibited, everyone is equal here no matter age, skin color, gender, sexism etc


The use of excessive swearing or overly offensive language is not permitted.


Trying to annoy your fellow players is discouraged as it may result to multiple violations of our rules. For instance, going in front of someone or throwing pots at someone to annoy them. 


You are not allowed to send the information of a user in proplanet’s chats even anonymously.


You are not allowed to threat your fellow members in any way. This includes from telling that you will target them to ddos threats.


PROPlanet is a safe and fair environment for everyone, luring minors is not tolerated and will result in a permanent account and ip suspension

Foreign languages

Speaking foreign languages in the chat is allowed as long as two or more people speak that specific language


Section 2: Competitive Rules


Using unfair client modifications or in game advantages. This includes using modifications that provide you with information you would not be able to know without them.


Getting killed / shot by someone multiple times intentionally 


You are not allowed to abuse the use of the spectator system to give an advantage to a specific player such as information that he would not be able to know.

Bug / Exploit abusing

Abusing bugs to get an unfair advantage against other players will result to a stats reset and an account suspension, please report any bugs found.


Section 3: Extra rules

Using an inappropriate name / skin / cape

Using a name or skin or cape that is considered as inappropriate for ages from 7 years old and above.


Section 4: Privacy Policy

To ensure that proplanet is a fair and safe environment for anyone to play on we collect some information that help us do so.


This may include or not include the following:

Your username

This is used to categorize the other data we collect


This is used to identify your username and skin history

Your ip address

Your ip is not and will never be publicly visible

We may collect more information about the way you play and what games you play the most on proplanet network


We are committed to protect and respect your privacy, none of the information above will never be shared with any third parties and will only be used for security reasons.


You may request the deletion of the above data anytime, keep in mind that in case you do so your account will be permanently blacklisted from