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IMPORTANT Bug Report Format

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When reporting bugs, there are a few good practices to follow so that you can provide the development team the most information possible. This will therefore make it easier for the developers to fix issues.

#1 Gamemode
As you may know some bugs only exits in some specific gamemodes, ensure to have the gamemode you found this bug mentioned in your bug report

#2 Make sure to mention the map you found the bug
Mentioned the map is very important as there may be some bugs or issues that will only affect a specific map, especially in game modes such as Skywars or Bedwars that have a very large variety of maps.

#3 Include the specific mode
Some minigames have a variety of different modes. For example, Skywars has Solo and teams modes;

Including this in your bug report is highly beneficial. There may be an issue in one mode that doesn’t appear in another and including the mode will allow the developers to know exactly where the issue happened so they can replicate it.

#4 Get ‘proof’ of the bug
One of the most challenging parts of fixing bugs is trying to replicate or reproduce the issue. If the bug report includes proof of some kind of the issue, it is extremely helpful and makes it a lot easier for us to recreate the bug.

We understand that not everyone can record or knows how to screenshot, which is why it is not required when making a bug report. However, we highly recommend you do include some sort of ‘proof’ when you make a bug report.

For those who do not know how to screenshot, pressing F2 on your keyboard (or Fn+F2 on Mac) will take a screenshot. You can then navigate to your “.minecraft” folder to find the screenshot file.

For larger issues it’s better for us to have a video, that way we can see exactly what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

However, for smaller issues screenshots are also helpful. For example, if you find a missing block in a map, simply screenshotting it while having F3 mode turned on (so we can see the coordinates) will give us all the information needed.

#5 More information!
When reporting bugs, we welcome you to provide us with as much information as possible. The more information you give us, the easier it is to fix it. Most of the tips above are the same idea, more information! However, you are free to add anything else you feel may be important.

Please ensure to have these answered in your format
  • Username(Your ign):
  • Game:
  • Mode(Ex: Skywars solo):
  • Map(Map name, if you do not know leave it blank)
  • Proof(Video / screenshot that will help us to learn how to reproduce the bug
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