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Update 2.2.1 - Changes


Staff member
Hey there,

We've launched some new updates on the server and are here to inform you about those updates!

Fixed Minor bugs at kitpvp
Fixed Minor bugs at thelab
Fixed Minor bugs at hide and seek
Fixed Minor bugs at practice
Fixed Minor bugs at event system
Fixed Minor bugs when using kangaroo kit
Fixed Minor bugs at MAZE
Fixed Minor bugs at hub

Set the server to premium, now only premium users can join
This is mainly the biggest update of the server now. We posted a poll and we chose to remove cracked from the server. This switch from cracked to premium means that stats of players got reset.

• What changes now only premium users can join?
Mainly cracked users can't join anymore, because of this we are able to remove the login system which increased server performance significantly. Skins will be loaded faster and you will directly receive the hub items.

This also gives us the possibility to increase server security and bypassing bans is way harder with this update.

Thanks for playing at PROPlanet and I hope to see you soon playing on the server :)!